7UP® “Feels Good To Be You™” Film Series, shot by Vice UK LIMITED, showcases four unique individuals from around the world whose originality, charm, and passion are brought to life
in inspiring films.

For our feature, we had the teams from Vice & 7UP join us as we embarked
on one of our biggest street art interventions, with local artists and volunteers,
to paint up an abandoned staircase in the heart of Beirut.

"There comes a time, where you’re standing, high on the fumes of the city,
looking out to the horizon, where your blood boils and you want to be those
walls. You want to speak, you want a voice, one that the entire city sees as they
walk by every day. That’s what we set out to do. We wanted to be able to disrupt
the city, in a peaceful and non-invasive way; one that brings the communities
some clarity, and transforms stairs into the bridges that connect these streets and alleyways.
By empowering the urban fabric of our city, we become the walls,
the stairs, and the streets. We become people’s smiles, their fears,
the noise and the silence. "

- written for VICE UK
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