Beautifying Naba’a was a project created to bring together the Syrian and Lebanese youth from the ages of 13-18, in the turbulent areas of Naba’a and Bourj Hammoud, in Beirut, Lebanon. The project kicked off with a series of artistic workshops, organized by my NGO 'Paint Up', and led by three of the top local artists in the region. In parallel to exploring means of communication through nonviolent and creative methods, the participants worked toward organizing live painting days in their neighborhood to execute what they learned. These took place in identified locations in Naba’a where community members were also invited to volunteer.

To celebrate the three months mark of this on-going project, a final intervention to paint up a run-down playground in the neighborhood was organized with the kids; inviting the community, as well as schools, charities, and even journalists and media from the region, to participate. The activities and music were curated by local artists as well, bringing the project to a beautiful close.

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