As a family restaurant, McDonald's wanted to create more opportunities for families to spend time with each other.
We wanted to prove to parents that you don’t need a whole hour or a day to enjoy family time.
You need a minute. And to demonstrate the amazing potential of a minute, we created
the ‘One-minute Family Time Coupons’ - a little booklet was given away at the restaurant to families.
These 60 thoughtful, partly personalized coupons were designed without expiry dates and could be redeemed by kids from their parents anytime there was a minute to spare. Every booklet provided 60 minutes or quite simply an hour of family time. And with over 5,000 booklets distributed across our restaurants, we contributed to over 300,000 minutes of priceless family time.

An idea that proved a simple human truth: Family time isn’t made up of big things. It’s made up of little moments that count.

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