Art direction and design for Lebanese Product Designer Nada Debs' studio
and custom-made interior paint colour, curated and created by Jotun Paints, Dubai.

"There’s this colour that belongs to Beirut.
And it’s been living here forever.
It dances on rooftops in the afternoons.
And peeks shyly at the world through poster-peeled city walls.
It lives in the voices that scream 'SabāH Nnūr' from across balconies.
In the friendly gossip that runs wild in the narrow alleys of Ashrafieh.
I’ve seen it on the blushing cheeks of lovers as they steal kisses at traffic lights.
In the tan that never learnt to let go of summer.
In the untamed smiles of strangers.
I’ve heard it in the unbound laughter that spills on to the streets.
And relished it in the crust of a perfectly baked Baklava.
This colour is my inspiration.
This colour is My Beirut
Warm, generous, and full of life."

Copy by Clevin Antao
Jotun x Nada Debs
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