As part of my MA Thesis in Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries, at Central Saint Martins in London,
I curated a series of low-barrier interventions, to test the threshold of human intimacy and the physicality of space - with anonymity as an essential element - to test how these interventions may alleviate strangers' sensation of loneliness and social isolation.

With this in mind, I created a socially engaging and empathy-inducing platform known as 'Dear Stranger'.
'Dear Stranger' invites viewers to take part in an Immersive Listening Experience of a series of confession tapes collected from strangers around the world. The intention is to allow the attendees to have a universal and anonymous exchange with the strangers behind the recordings and listen to their stories,
secrets, & emotions.

Photography & Videography: Creation Neuf
Editing: Creation Neuf & Lana Chukri
Design & Copy: Lana Chukri

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