Since 1967, the year it was created, The Big Mac has been there throughout some of the greatest events in human history. To commemorate 46 years of the Big Mac we commissioned artists from different countries to create posters, taking inspiration from iconic events of the years. We introduced them to everyone through an art exhibit and then created a gallery on our Facebook page to showcase them.
Dubai Lynx Shortlist 2013 Design McDonald’s – Big Mac Posters ‘The Biggest thing since 1967’
MENA Cristals Silver 2014 Media McDonald’s – Big Mac ‘The Biggest thing since 1967’

Online Gallery
The 2012 Big Mac Poster Contest

The Winner

To further involve people in our celebration of 46 years of Big Mac, we launched an online competition
for people to submit their creative artworks featuring the iconic burger in an iconic 2012 event.
This poster got selected among 200 entries.

The Big Mac Perfected Since 1967 - Award Entry Board
... Becomes Timeless Art In 2013

The Exhibition
The posters and the winning entry were featured in an art exhibit with each piece carrying 
a QR code for people to share their favorites on social media.

The Media Kit - Direct Mailer
The media kit includes a Big Mac magnet, a McDonald's branded flash device
and a small box with all the Artist's art pieces made into postcards.

The Animations
Aired on TV and posted on Mcdonald's Arabia Youtube channel
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